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Hæhre AS

On several occasions, Albert Kr. Hæhre AS has used JS Norway's services to create and deliver presentation brochures for Hæhregruppen. JS Norway has excelled in the implementation of the projects. The overall concept of JS Norway as well as the competent and friendly staff - including photographers, copywriters and others - have made it easy for us to choose JS Norway as our supplier of brochures.

Gudmund Roen
Head of Contracts
Albert Kr. Hæhre AS


For a long time, Tulip Food Company had wanted an information brochure about the concept "Time Out", but we did not have the resources to get it done. Fortunately, JS Danmark were able to help us. After the introductory meeting, our needs and requirements were identified, and JS Danmark drew up a project plan - all deadlines were met! The suppliers we have spoken to were very happy with the process. JS Danmark have done a great job which we are proud to present to new potential distributors. We will definitely use JS Danmark the next time we need a brochure!

Carsten Findinge
Key Account Manager
DB Schenken

DB Schenker Nieten GmbH

As a recurring client, all I can say is: The concept convinces me. It is a classic win-win situation for everybody who is involved. For our partners, just as much as for us. What always convinces me about JS Deutschland is the very pleasant and simple way in which the company handles our business. Even under time pressure before a trade fair.

Kerstin Gläser,
DB Schenker Nieten GmbH (Mainz)