JS World Media as First Mover Within New Web Technology


To strengthen and develop the competences of our IT Development department, they participated in this year’s NDC software developers conference in London.

We always strive to make the best online solutions for our customers. Thus, in January 2017, the JS World Media IT Development department went to the NDC software developers conference in London. NDC is short for "Norwegian Developers Conference", but over the last years, the conference has become so successful that it now takes place in cities like London and Sydney.

At the conference, our developers spent the first two days participating in workshops, and they were split up into two groups to get familiar with the most recent web technologies and strengthen their understanding of security and automation of our Cloud platform. The rest of the week, the developers participated in short sessions that focused on subjects like debugging, databases, performance and machine learning.

As a result of our developers' participation in NDC, they can now kick-start the use of new web technologies, strengthen their core programming skills and use new technologies that all of us will benefit from in the near future.

We look forward to taking our customers to the next online level!