JS Profile – Professional DiSC Profiling


At JS, we use DiSC every day.

DiSC is a great tool for working with behavioral preferences of people and companies. At JS, everybody knows their DiSC profile, and everybody has been trained to work with DiSC in a professional way. We use DiSC every day: when we talk to our customers; when we target our brochures at our customers' recipients; when we cooperate with our colleagues; and when we perform leadership. In addition, we use DiSC when we recruit new talents because it enables us to have an open and honest dialog with the candidate about her/his behavioral preferences.

For the purpose of determining a DiSC profile that is as accurate as possible, we have developed our own test. We call it JS Profile. The test is online, and it takes only 15-20 minutes to perform on a PC or a tablet. It is easy to perform as it asks realistic and real-life questions about the test person's preferences in a work situation. The result is a four-factor graph that gives us a fast and simple overview of the test person's DiSC profile.

With JS Profile, we can work competently and professionally with DiSC profiling.