JS Training

We invest in our colleagues by performing high-quality training which enables them to realize their full professional and personal potential and to get the greatest success in their lives.
JS Training is one of the reasons why we are a success!

Local Training Teams

When you start working in sales at JS World Media, you will receive training which ensures that you learn the JS concept fast and that your performance develops positively and as quickly as possible. In some departments, you become part of a training team, and you get a personal buddy trainer. In other departments, training takes place in small groups. When you start working in our communication team, you will be trained by our competent international training team who will also follow up on your learning and performance.

As you become increasingly competent and successful, you become part of the high-performing JS expert team.

Leadership Training

Leadership, like any other skill, must be learned and trained. Carefully selected and highly skilled local leadership trainers ensure that leadership is trained on a continuous basis at all our offices.

Talents & Performance

To attract and retain talents, we will strengthen our employer brand and continue to concentrate on making JS Danmark a genuinely attractive employer. This includes reward programs that are strongly linked to performance. In addition, we offer attractive opportunities for professional development.

Business Specialist

A successful business specialist at JS World Media gets motivated by finding the best possible solution for the customer, strives to become an expert, strives to make the best possible results and enjoys sharing knowledge with colleagues.

Business Leader

A successful business leader gets motivated by putting the colleagues first and has a genuine interest in developing them to perform their best.

Career Development