Hercules Fundering lays the Groundwork for Good Collaborations

An interactive communication package with intriguing content online and in print. This is how Hercules Fundering tells the story of their core competencies and sustainable solutions – while at the same time keeping their employees and attracting new ones.

High Level of Professionalism and Strong Relations

Hercules Fundering delivers foundation engineering for all types of building and construction works for harbor projects.

Whether you need assistance for large or small foundation tasks, you are guaranteed a high level of professionalism, transparency, and relations when working with the company.

Through close dialogue and professional consulting they ensure the best solutions for both private and public developers across the country.

Hercules Fundering has a vision to renew the business and offer the most sustainable solutions in addition to a safe and secure work environment for all employees.

Therefore, they needed a complete communication package to communicate the vision to potential customers and present the workplace to future employees.

It Begins With a Good Foundation

Today Hercules Fundering has more than 100 employees and several projects across Denmark. It is important to them to appear professional med representative marketing material, which can show their core competencies and the diversity of their many different projects.

At the same time, they need employer branding material, which can help attract new employees for their growing work force, in an employee’s job market.

A Complete Communication Package

Hercules now has a complete communication package, giving them a strong foundation when communication with customers, business partners and employees.

Through years of a strong collaboration we have created brochures and now film, which Hercules can use in different settings – telling the story of the company and their core products, but also for branding Hercules as a great and safe workplace.

Using videos in their communication helps Hercules Fundering build trust and enable them to create stronger connections to the target group. One of many benefits of using video, is that the medium is better for presenting complex messages in a way that easy to understand, compared to text and images.

Read more about the benefits of using JS ProFilm

”It has been important to us to present professional material that can tell the story about our company. with this material we can be sure, that we are precise in communicating about who we are and what we stand for when we meet our customers."

Jesper Schack Fønss Bach, Manager, Hercules Fundering

An Impressive Expression With a Focus on Sustainability

The collaboration with JS Danmark resulted in a physical brochure, supported by an Interactive Brochure which is used online.

Hercules Fundering now has:

  • A brochure, which they can bring with them to physical meetings with customers and business partners, and use online on different media platforms.
  • An impressive expression, upgraded with soft touch lamination, imprint on the logo, partial coating on all pages and a stronger cover.
  • FSC-labelled brochure, in accordance with Hercules Fundering’s focus on sustainability på bæredygtighed.


Captures and Retains the Fleeting Target Group

During years of collaboration, JS Danmark has delivered professional marketing material, that enables Hercules Fundering’s to reach an even wider range of their target group.

The printed brochure presents Hercules Fundering through an inviting and professional expression.  And the Interactive Brochure has elements such as photo gallery, animated text (also called Motion Design) and video powered-up the communication, making it even more effective – and catches the reader’s attention.

This is how Hercules Fundering strengthens their visibility, catches and retains both customers and candidates during a time where both are highly sought after.

Check out the result here

"We have increased our focus on digital solutions, and therefore we have prioritized a communication package, which aims at elevating our digital presence and communication."

Jesper Schack Fønss Bach, Manager, Hercules Fundering

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